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New Facebook graphics: the desktop version updates the look

The new design will be very similar to that of the Facebook app for mobile devices

Face book ref face. Said this makes us laugh a little, but we dare a joke pertinent to the change in progress. The new redesigned Facebook graphics for desktop had been announced last year and will soon be a reality for everyone. A less bulky look, brighter icons and a lighter overall appearance.

Everything seems to be within the next spring and there will also be the 'dark mode?(Already embraced by operating systems for computers and smartphones, and by numerous applications including Messenger and Instagram, Twitter and YouTube) which the view is less tiredAccording to reports, Facebook is giving a small percentage of people the opportunity to test the new interface already. The lucky users will see a pop-up asking if they want to participate in the tests on the "new Facebook".

Testers will be able to send feedback to Facebook directly on the new interface in order to help the social network to correct any bugs that could also occur. They will also have the possibility to downgrade to the redesigned aspect of the website if they decide to enjoy the "old" even before the final and definitive implementation of the new Facebook graphics.

new Facebook graphics

Facebook's new look comes at a time when the social network giant, which has around 2.5 billion people who use its service every month, is trying to overcome themany privacy disputes and the data breaches he faced over the past year.

Let's not forget also that in addition to the new graphics, Facebook has recentlyredesigned its logo,which has been made more evident on the other popular apps it owns: the WhatsApp messaging service and the Instagram photo sharing social network.