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New digital terrestrial 2020: 80,000 families will give up the switch

Nuovo digitale terrestre: 80.000 famiglie rinunceranno al nuovo switch

The transition to the new DVB-T2 television broadcasting standard, which will begin definitively in September 2021, will force many Italians to put their hands to the wallet to adapt their televisions. this is one of the data that emerged from the survey commissioned by to mUp Research and Norstat according to which 20.9% of the respondents, equal to about 4 million families, declared that they did not have any TV compatible with the new standard at home and therefore you will have to change the device or have a decoder.

The audience of Italians forced to face this expense, we read in the analysis, even greater if we consider that the total number of families that have at least 1 appliance not compatible with the new standard equal to about 11 million (58.8% of respondents).

This value could rise further if we consider that 25.2% of the interviewees said they have at least 1 TV at home for which they cannot say whether or not it is compatible with the new transmission mode.

In addition to the economic damage, a hoax is also looming for many Italian families; despite the fact that since 2017 the retail sale of devices not compatible with the new standard is prohibited, almost 1 respondent out of 3 among those who will have to put their hands on the wallet (equal to 3,300,000 families) has declared that the device to be changed has been purchased less than 3 years ago.

Change TV 2020, who will have to do it and why

The TV purchase bonus

To lighten the weight of the change on family economies, the so-called Bonus TV was launched, a contribution of 50 euros for the purchase of a new television set or a decoder intended for those with an ISEE of less than 20,000 euros, but not everyone knows the measure and , even among those who know it, not everyone will be able to use it.

Although, as highlighted by the survey, 60.3% of respondents said they had heard of the incentive, almost 1 in 2 respondents admitted that they did not know how this works; 1 in 4 (26.1%) not to fall within the parameters necessary to use them.

At a territorial level, the percentage of those who are entitled to the Bonus and intend to use it varies between 20.9% in the North West and 30.5% in the South and in the Islands.

Set-top box, new device or goodbye TV?

So what will Italians who have incompatible televisions at home do? Most of the families interviewed (43%) said that they will buy a decoder, 31% will buy a new device, while 21.7% have not yet decided. It is interesting to note that, probably for economic reasons, 4.3% of the respondents said that they would simply give up the TV, which is functioning, but no longer compatible.

If the analysis sample is reduced to families who have only one TV at home and moreover not compatible with the new standard, 32.5% opt for the purchase of a decoder, 30.4% said that they will buy a new one television, while 29.8% have not yet chosen what to do.

For those who consider television a part of their daily lives, it will be surprising, perhaps, that 7.3% of the respondents of this sub-sample, equal to about 80,000 families, have declared that, when starting the new transmission standard, they will do without appliance

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