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New 867 and 1 GHz G4s in comparison

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New 867 and 1 GHz G4s compared –

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The new G4 with 1 GHz dual processor costs approximately 20% more than the 867 MHz dual chip version. The price justified by a comparable performance increase?

(we remind you that one creating a similar configuration between the two machines equipped with 80GB Superdrive and HD we have the price of 2602 euros for the double 867 against 3238 for the double 1Ghz).

This is the question asked by the site specializing in Bare Feats, setting up a head-to-head between the two new generation G4.

The answer is that the dual 1 GHz processor is only 15% faster on average than the entry level version.

It should also be noted that the differences in performance in the 3D graphics sector are not so marked. The GeForce 4MX of the G4 867 only slightly slower than the Radeon 9000 which uses dual 1 GHz. The demonstration comes from the fact that when the two cards are used on the same machine the number of frames per second that you can only 'squeeze' slightly higher with ATI than with Nvidia.

Hence it follows, according to the site, that those who intend to save some money would do well not to get too scrupulous in buying the cheapest machine, perhaps thinking about updating it with larger disks and more RAM purchased from independent retailers. looking for pure speed for applications where processing times are critical, turn to higher models.

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