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New 17 β€³ Apple LCD Monitor

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New 17 "Apple LCD Monitor logomacitynet1200wide 1

The new 17 β€³ LCD Studio Display presented yesterday by on the market also on the Italian AppleStore. The monitor, which eliminates the CRT presented just over 10 months ago in New York, costs 2,199,000 lire (plus VAT ) and is given as ready for delivery. Only two days from the order to the arrival at home. Confirmation also for the discount on the Cinema Display. Now it costs 5,499,000 lire (always plus VAT) a really aggressive price if you consider that VAT included slightly exceeds 6.5 million, almost two and a half million less than it cost until yesterday: 8,398,000, a price that still appears on the first page of the Apple site in an advertising "badge" that can be seen at the bottom of the page on the right. The price drop of the Cinema Display, an extraordinary 22 "monitor with a 16: 9 ratio, prodigious and exemplary of the reduction in the price lists of LCD monitor. Just think that at the time of the launch it came at a cost of only a little less than 10 million, almost 40% more than it costs today. Now, as recalled yesterday by Jobs, Apple monitors are all LCD. They range from 15 β€³ from 1,299,000 lire, to the brand new 2,199,000 lire Studio Display to the 22 β€³ Cinema Display which costs, in fact, 5,499,000. At the moment the only CRT that is still β€œhandled” on the lines today Cupertino assembly kit the one supplied with iMacs. For a long time, the sites dedicated to rumors have claimed that this too will be retired at the time of the launch of the new low-end desktop even if numerous sources point out that for the use of an LCD instead of a CRT, the times are not yet ripe view the price gap that, despite the recent decreases, continues to exist clearly

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