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New 13 "MacBook Pro: 3 things to know first …

New 13 "MacBook Pro: 3 things to know first ...

By Giacomo Martiradonna Wednesday 6 May 2020

The new MacBook Pro is an interesting machine, but it is decidedly less sophisticated than its 16 "counterpart. Here are the things to know before buying.

MacBook Pro 13

It was long overdue, but the new 13 "MacBook Pro was not as expected. Yes, it has the Magic Keyboard with scissor mechanism and the 10th generation Intel Core processors, but it lacks three features to whom we had made the mouth, and which make it technically less sophisticated than the 16 "older brother. Here is what you need to know about Pro 13 "before purchase.

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14 "display

One of the juiciest rumors of the past few weeks concerned the introduction of 14 "displays to replace the old 13" cut; a move that seemed natural after the launch of the 16 "MacBook Pro 6 months ago. Yet no way: the screen is a 25601600 pixel Retina with True Tone technology, up to 500 nits of brightness and support for wide color P3.

Perhaps the Covid-19 epidemic made the development and mass production of new 14 "panels more difficult. Therefore we would say that the novelty will come simply farther.


Where the MacBook Pro 16 "has a" six-speaker sound system with two forcecancelling woofers "and three" professional-quality and high signal-to-noise array microphones ", the new MacBook Pro 13" rests on a stereo system with three microphones, just like the predecessor. In other words, the audio feels good but not like on 16 ".

If we had to venture, especially given Apple's emphasis on the subject, we would say that in all likelihood the new set of speakers + microphones will be brought to entry level laptops starting from from model with 14 "display. In short, almost almost, you want to wait for the next update.

Thermal architecture

The 16 "MacBook Pro guarantees the 28% more air flow, and more efficient heat dissipation thanks to the 35% wider heatsink. A completely redesigned thermal architecture: larger fans, with improved blades for an ideal air flow, and a greater number of fins for faster heat dispersion. And thanks to more efficient cooling, it can support up to 12 watts more power maximum continues. "

As far as you can see, however, the MacBook Pro 13 "uses the old heat management mechanism; the good news, if nothing else, that the 10-generation Intel Core processors it mounts should be more efficient and less resource-hungry, and so they should heat less. But not all: only the intermediate and high-end models have the new CPUs.

So, very roughly said, if you don't desperately need to change computers right now, we honestly we would wait for the next lap or we would focus on the older generation to save some money.

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  • Apple MacBook Pro (13 ", 8GB RAM, 128GB storage, 1.4GHz Intel Core i5) – Silver at 1,349
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