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Netscape 6, the readers' opinion

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I have installed and tested Navigator 6 (browser only) and it must be said that the questionable choices are to use XML for the interface and widgets (all pulses, fields, combo-boxes, radio buttons, they are non-standard but still, at least, customizable with easy-to-build skins) the thing that really makes this Netscape release feel the shocking speed in HTML rendering. who had cantatovictoria in front of Tasman (the engine of Exploder 5) will have to change his mind as soon as he gets into his hands Gecko (the engine of Netscape) that really gives the soul in question that builds which ranks first among all the browsers never tried dame (it beats Exploder 5 by 150% at least for the same connection – trial at the same time, but even Opera suwindows has a hard time). Moreover it must be said that Netscape 6 is much faster than Mozilla M-14 (Netscape's OpenSource version) although uses the same engine. The release is quite stable (for now it is only intertwined once masenza freeze) and in 5 hours I did not have a crash. I must say that those who thought that Netscape was out of the browser war would almost certainly be wrong, if the product it will be released soon so we can see a turnaround in this segment. Rocco Poiago

Date: 6-04-2000 9: 05Received: 6-04-2000 10: 15From: Enrico Querci, (email protected) To: (email protected)

Hi Fabrizio, here are my impressions about Netscape 6 I DON'T LIKE 🙂 In the sense, I really appreciate the new HTML rendering engine, it seems to me very fast, but the way I programmed the whole application makes me shudder … It's frighteningly slow at startup … Consider that on a PM 9600 200 / MP it will not even start! Of course on a G4 at 500, I tried it, it looks like an application like the others but also a machine of almost 10 million! The problem, in my opinion also present in the previous ver, which contains large parts of code made in Java! I admit it is a VERY smart idea that of "Write Once, Run Everywhere", but we have to understand that a lot of Java VMs are still immature, we understand that it is interpreted and not compiled !!! questionable the choice of component installer and in any case the even-copied folder, on the G4 it works, on my Yosemite at home a little turns the HD and then takes you back to the Finder without crashes or the like, simply giving you back your desk … Lo I know, still a PR 1, but I was very ill … We hope for the future :-)) For now I prefer IE 5. Salutoni

Date: 6-04-2000 12: 01Received: 06-04-2000 12: 41From: Luca Bassini, (email protected) To: (email protected)

Hi Fabrizio, I managed to download the Netscape PR1 from the office. I don't think there is this big difference between this PR and the various versions of Mozilla, download from time to time. Since we are only at the beginning of the real work on version 6, I believe that Netscape has now lost ground. AOL has suddenly woken up now, we'll see what it can do: the application is slow to launch on my PB G3 / 400 with MacOS 9.04 installed. The beta of explorer 5 was certainly better (the final version of explorer 5 is a good product, even if on Macity I read the impressions of someone who …). I think that the negative reactions on any microsoft product are now only preconceptions . I know, but I don't think it's just my opinion: I use a PowerBook in an office all Windows (administration) and Linux / UNIX (development). With Office 98 I guarantee the interchange of documents, with Explorer 5 on Mac I access an ASP application in the same way (without having to correct anything in short on the views) in which the WIN.Netscape 6 colleagues do it I find it very slow: I used 2 minutes to see the home page of Macity, when with explorer we use it and no 15 seconds (and look at it I did the test also emptying the cache !!!). Congratulations for the usual great job.a soon Luca Bassini

Hi Fabrizio I downloaded Netscape 6 last night and I don't know why I didn't encounter any particular line problems. It happened to me to have to download it for good (you won't believe it) three times before being able to install it. (…) I searched the hard drive but there was no trace of the files. AARRGG! Come on with the second attempt … ditto. Then I am reminded of the fact that I started the Mac with a really small set of extensions. I restart with the standard set, I re-load the bundle and I can do it. Two comments: The installer gave me no error message; bad. The installer has downloaded the files to an invisible temporary folder. Apart from the fact that I hate net installers, imagine my frustration when I find out that the downloaded files are not saved to the disk and you need to re-download everything unexpectedly. Bad, bad, bad, very bad. The future will also be but for now net installs leave a lot to be desired! Well, once the problems mentioned have been overcome, I open the browser and … let's start badly, I thought, starting Netscape needs 8 seconds against the poor 4 in 4.7. On the other hand the closure of the application is instantaneous against the 9 seconds of the old browser. I don't like the splash screen graphics I think and after a while the browser window appears which, I'm sorry to say, disappointed me a lot. , I try a couple of sites and, damn it, the field where to write the url is really ugly, you don't understand exactly where to write (it doesn't have outlined borders) and the font is small and it always appears to me the odious writing "host : blank "instead of the empty field and … but, the pages if the newborn's nibbles in fluency! I tried a few sites, all pretty full-bodied, and the Gecko proves to digest the html layouts with surprising ease complex. Stability to be reviewed. Netscape had always been unstable and I remember that I rarely managed to give "quit" to 3.02. I used to surf until it stopped or shut itself. Also the 4 was not stable, with frequent blocks. Just with 4.5 things have improved, and a lot, and 4.7 is really "rock solid" and I hardly ever think about it. This 6 instead closed me at least three times in two hours. However, these are prereleases, clearly released in a hurry to stem leaks towards the captivating (not for me!) Exploder 5 (careful people, don't let yourself be tempted by the Lato Dark!) The interface in general I don't like much and I struggle to find a lot of things. Type: how can I import the 4.7 bookmarks (occhei, I could tinker with the files and some editing but not all of them have the necessary knowledge). Where is the (fundamental) indicator of througput? (the kB downloaded per second). Why then this thin, non-intuitive interface that seems designed for 16-color screens? With those gray and angular buttons that do so much Windoze? With those preferences that appear and do not appear? In short, half disappointment. Today's reading of Macity, however, gave me back all the enthusiasm when I learned that the interface is nothing but XML and therefore it can be modified at will. and each will be able to create "his" browser or download the desired skin. Summing up the positive judgment and the very high potential for the new born. I look forward to the final version. Diego Krota

With difficulty I managed to download the complete Netscape 6 installer (on the ftp server you gave me the address). I downloaded a 10.3 mega installer (Netscape6-mac.sea) that created a 26 mega and * 1585 * files folder (Netscape6-mac). I was unable to start the application either with my configuration normal that with only the basic OS 8.6 and full OS 8.6 extensions. Or better, netscape6 starts up to show the splash screen and then nails the Mac (a 7200/90 with 64 megs of ram). It's a little early to do comparisons, in particular with a preview release, but IE5 that I use, it is installed and started the first time without creating any problems and without installing 1585 files which for me, which I use the standard HFS format, means a huge waste of space ie 26 megs files, they occupy 78 megs of disk (maybe I am still thinking in the old way, giving importance to the use of the resources of my mac). I am curious to know the comments of other users! Best Regards Massimo PESCIA