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Netflix will no longer work on old TVs and streaming players

Older smart TV models will lose Netflix support by December 1, 2019

Netflix will no longer work on old TVs. The "usual" problem of technology that is progressing at a frenetic pace by no longer allowing support from streaming platforms like Netflix. The image size becomes larger and takes up more space, the software gets bigger with new features and system processes. For all these reasons, Netflix has decided to stop supporting older Smart TVs and some first generation streaming players, specifically aimed at Samsung models, Vizio and Roku.

Which TVs will no longer have Netflix?

According to the action plan, the range of Samsung TVs that will be affected by this operation will include a series of smart TVs produced between2010is2011, the devicesVizio with more than four years and theRoku 2050X, Roku 2100X, Roku 2000C, Roku HD Player, Roku SD Player, Roku XR Player and Roku XD Player.

The aforementioned televisions and readers will lose access to the streaming service starting from 2 December 2019, according to e-mails sent to users, which means that most people will only have about a month to find another way to access the app.

And if I don't want to change the TV?

Netflix will no longer work on old TVs

Netflix will no longer work on old TVs. But if you buy a new smart TV not in your plans for economic reasons, or simply related to the fact that you are fond of your device, or consider that it can still last years without having to replace it just because apps like Netflix will no longer be supported, an effective, economical and immediate remedy to buy devices like CHROMECAST orAmazon's Fire TV. Both alternatives are valid and can respond positively to the need to view Netflix on your TV. With a cost of only 39 euros you buy the Google device (ChromeCast). You can find it in almost all consumer electronics stores and in the main web store. Ditto for the Amazon device that with 39.99 euros is taken home and purchased through the official website. Watch out for. With these devices you will no longer use your TV remote control but you will have to work through your smartphone or tablet.