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Netflix allows you to arm your personal profile with a PIN code

Le novità di novembre su Netflix

Streams are strong on quarantine days, but forced coexistence under one roof can result in long marathons of streaming videos, as well as messes in the lists of favorites and in the list of films and TV series that we have to finish watching: Netflix solves all these small and large accidents on the fly, improving parental control functions and also introducing personal profile blocking for the first time via PIN code.

With the new parental controls, it is possible to filter the titles available in the catalog for films and TV series based on the recommended age classification for viewing in each country. Thus, for example, parents can make sure that the catalog of available and suggested titles only shows cartoons and content suitable for children or that contents suitable for viewing up to 13 years of age are also included.

netflix pin code

Those who have tried even once to watch a TV series on Netflix are familiar with the addictive effect created by automatic play, which immediately starts playing the next episode as soon as the current episode ends. To avoid or at least limit the endless marathons for children, it is now possible to disable auto-play in the settings of the profiles dedicated to the little ones. Finally, it is now also possible to block specific titles of films and TV series by indicating the name, useful not only for violent or inappropriate content of the moment, but also to avoid having to watch the same cartoon for the hundredth time.

To manage, activate and set these new parental controls and also to activate the PIN code to block your personal profile, you need to enter Netflix account settings via a browser. At the time of writing, these settings are not available through the apps for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV but, once configured via Netflix via the internet and browser, they will also be kept within the Netflix app.

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