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Netatmo smart home devices are compatible with Amazon Alexa in Italy

I dispositivi Netatmo per la smart home ora compatibili con Amazon Alexa in Italia

Netatmo announces the compatibility in Italy of the Energy and Weather products with Amazon Alexa, available on Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus and Echo Spot. Italian users can manage the Smart Thermostat, Smart Thermostatic Valves, Smart Weather Station and its accessories, Smart Rain Gauge and Smart Anemometer by voice.

Thanks to the compatibility of Netatmo products with Alexa, not only will it be possible to change the temperature in a room, but you can also ask for weather forecasts by simply saying the word "Alexa" to connect to the Alexa cloud.

Netatmo smart home devices now compatible with Amazon Alexa in Italy

Alexa, ask Netatmo what the outside temperature is

With Amazon Echo devices, users can ask Alexa for precise weather forecasts. In this way, they will know what temperature is in the garden (Alexa, ask Netatmo what temperature outside), they will be able to monitor the rain (Alexa, ask Netatmo what the amount of rain today) and ask for information on the strength of the wind (Alexa, ask Netatmo what the wind speed).

The Intelligent Weather Station and its Accessories, the Intelligent Rain Gauge and the Intelligent Anemometer, offer a complete solution to monitor local climatic conditions, such as the external temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, internal pollution as well as information on rain and wind.Netatmo smart home devices now compatible with Amazon Alexa in Italy

Alexa, increase the salon by 2 degrees

Alexa offers the possibility to manage the heating with voice control, saying simple indications like Alexa, set the temperature of my Netatmo thermostat to 20C or Alexa, increase the bedroom temperature by 2C. This improves your home comfort without lifting a finger.

Netatmo provides solutions for autonomous and centralized home heating. The Smart Thermostat is a simple installation solution that works with the app and creates customized scenarios that reflect user habits. To control the temperature in every single room, it is possible to add additional Intelligent Thermostatic Valves.Netatmo smart home devices now compatible with Amazon Alexa in Italy

Price and availability

The Intelligent Weather Station available at the public price of 169.99 euros, the Smart Rain Gauge at 69.99 euros and the Smart Anemometer at 99.99 euros.

The Smart Thermostat for sale at 179.99 euros, the basic kit for central heating of the Smart Thermostatic Valves at 199.99 euros, while the Additional Smart Thermostatic Valves at 79.99 euros each. All Netatmo products are available on the manufacturer's website, at the most important electronics chains and beyond, as well as on the online Apple Store (Valves, Healthy Home Coach, Thermostat) and also on discount starting from this Amazon Italy page.

Here are the Amazon direct links for Netatmo devices ready for Alexa: Smart Thermostat, Smart Thermostatic Valves, Smart Weather Station and accessories to match, Smart Rain Gauge and Smart Anemometer.

During the launch days, Amazon has also provided for special bundles that combine its smart smart speakers with Netatmo products while maintaining a global discount of 40%.

The offer below allows, by adding 10 euros to the list price of the single Netatmo thermostat, to have an extra Echo Spot. Even the maximum possible discount on the thermostat ever seen, pay Echo Dot less than the discounted introductory price of 40%.

Same goes with Echo: excellent if you want to privilege the audio to the possibility of having data on a screen and you find yourself with the smart speaker as a gift at the Netatmo price.

In these pages of Macitynet we explain how Echo smart speakers work and the Alexa service available in Italian. Details on Amazon's Echo devices are on this page