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Netatmo Smart Home Bot home automation is controlled via Facebook Messenger

Netatmo Smart Home Bot home automation is controlled via Facebook Messenger

If until now you have thought of communicating with your home automation system with your voice, do a quick reset: with bots equipped with Artificial Intellectiveness you will dialogue directly with your home, or rather with its account on Messenger to manage all the Netatmo products that they work inside (and also outside thanks to the Presence camera).

If you are apprehensive and want to check if your children are all at home, just ask the Bot: "Are my children all at home?" Obviously you must define the term "my children" and associate the facial recognition of the "Welcome" camera which detects their entry and / or their permanence in the area defined by the geofencing system. Obviously the automation options "away from home" or "at home" are also active: just send a simple text message via Messenger.

The Bot is not simply an on / off detection system but able to associate the work of the sensors with the different behaviors and learn to know your home (or virtually itself) and its owner as it communicates with you.

Obviously, the independence of the platform allows you to communicate both from your iOS or Android smartphone but also from your computer.

In this way, you can manage all Netatmo and with Netatmo products simply through chat, even when not at home, also managing repetitive tasks and complex actions.

Below you can see a part of the conversation taken at the Netatmo stand of the CES 2018 in which the bot lists the weather conditions, the state of the temperature of the rooms in a precise and concise manner (and above all less volatile than a vocal response).

The bot available in beta, reserved for the English language, immediately and will be available definitively during 2018.

Netatmo products are compatible with Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant and this interaction mode increases their ability to integrate with the user in everyday life.