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Netatmo Smart Doorbell with Camera: the Homekit compatible smart doorbell at CES 2019

Netatmo Campanello Intelligente con Videocamera: il campanello smart compatibile Homekit  al CES 2019

The intelligent bell with video camera the novelty of Netatmo also presented at CES Unveiled: the new device, the user will be able to recognize who rings his bell at any time and will be able to see the visitor on his smartphone, talk to him and respond immediately also when you are not at home. ln most notifies the user instantly if he detects people who are wandering around the house.

It is the first bell compatible with Apple HomeKit that can be controlled with the Home app or with voice, using Siri. For remote operation, you need an Apple TV, a compatible iPad or HomePod at home.

Installation does not require any professional help: it simply replaces an existing doorbell and connects to the home Wi-Fi network: the intelligent Doorbell with Video Camera + compatible with all electrical installations, from 8-24 volts up to 230 volts.

The user can access through the Netatmo Security app, available on smartphones, tablets, PCs, Macs or Apple Watch in which all the device functions are found: specific notifications, access to the livestream, call and event history, recordings and storage of HD videos.

Through the microphone and the speaker you can communicate with whoever rings the bell, converse with couriers or simulate your presence at home to repel the bad guys.

No subscription and respect privacy

To take advantage of all the functions and data storage of the Campanella, no type of subscription is required, nor additional costs: the videos and the history of calls received from the devices are saved locally on an internal microSD card and can also be transferred and stored. automatically on the user's Dropbox account or on their own FTP server as it happens for Netatmo cameras that has tried in the past.

To ensure a secure transmission of data to the user's smartphone, the Intelligent Doorbell with Video Camera uses end-to-end encryption, ensuring the highest level of protection.

On board we find a full HD 1080p camera with a shooting angle of 160 with HDR capability capable of shooting even backlit subjects without problems.

As you can see from our gallery, the compact and elegant product design adapts to the entrance of any type of home. Protected by HZO technology, an innovative nano-film, the device resists all weather conditions: rain, snow, humidity and even dust and dirt.

Compatibility, interoperability and in-home programming

It is the first device of this kind compatible with Apple HomeKit. The user receives an accurate notification when someone rings the door, sees the bell in the "Home" app or can ask Siri to show it to him to see who is in front of the door. The user can also create different combinations in the Home app to connect the Smart Doorbell with Video Camera to other HomeKit-enabled products. For example, the external lights can turn on automatically when the device detects a potential intruder, a Hue light or compatible Homekit can change color if there is movement around the entrance.

The device is also compatible with IFTTT, the web solution that allows you to connect different apps, connected devices and web services that are not strictly compatible with Homekit.

The free Netatmo Security app is compatible with iPhone and iPad (starting from iOS 10) and Android smartphones and tablets (starting from version 5). The web version of the app that can be used on Mac and PC. "Home" for direct management of Homekit devices function on iOS and macOS

Netatmo is now part of the Legrand-BTicino group Fred Potter now CTO of Legrand has anticipated that the Smart Doorbell with Video Camera will be able to interact with the Classe 300X video door phone, creating a highly versatile system for controlling home access with maximum respect for Privacy . Other announcements are expected by Bticino at CES 2019.