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Netatmo Presence review: illuminate and control your entrance via smartphone and Apple Watch


When we asked Netatmo to try out his Presence outdoor camera, we were returning from the second test of his ingenious Welcome camera, able to recognize the faces of those who enter the house and to work in combination with single wireless tags as a versatile security system thanks to reporting on smartphones and web access also to recordings.

Netatmo Presence it follows some of the connection capabilities and also the software with the younger sister but given the type of installation it has specific characteristics that make it very different both in terms of recognition capacity and the materials and technologies used.

Netatmo Presence

Netatmo Presence is actually a multifunctional device that combines the surveillance capabilities of a camera that can be connected via Wi-Fi to the rest of the system with a solid LED technology lighting device that must be mounted at a height of about 2.30 meters at the entrance to the house.

The availability of a single color and the rather particular shape could be a discriminating factor for the choice of the product, especially in cases of installation subsequent to the choice of the outdoor furniture, but Presence is well-liked for a whole series of features that we will talk about.



Netatmo has accustomed us by now to classy and minimal packaging at the same time and even with Presence it does not deny itself: white cardboard is the master with ample space for recyclable material. Inside the box we find the camera that a large black parallelepiped in heavy metal and IPX7 protection degree combined with a well-made plastic that protects the SD card on the bottom, and the front with the camera and the lighting body consisting of a double row of LED protected by a white shield.

Together with the lamp / camera body we find a bracket (already attached by means of a screw) and a black plate which will cover and protect the electrical connection with mammoths.

Inside the box we find the instructions for use also in Italian and a QR code that will help us to uniquely identify the camera and complete its installation.

Camera installation

For our tests we obviously could not specifically drill the wall around the entrance of a house and we therefore decided to support Netatmo Presence with a lighting fixture previously installed using its power supply connection and taking advantage of the ability to connect via Wi-Fi to avoid passing other cables from outside to inside.

The installation procedure is very simple and, as for Welcome, is guided directly by the application that manages the internal and external cameras.

We see the procedure in the gallery below, remembering that it is necessary to use the QR code with the shot directly by the Presence objective.

Software and use

We have already analyzed the software dedicated to Netatmo's security in previous tests but here the French company has taken a big step forward and a small step backwards which is linked to the position that an lighting system must have in order not to dazzle the visitor of a house: the body of the device must obviously be placed above the level of the head and therefore it is impossible to collect the data to be analyzed to recognize the faces since the eyelashes, the nose and the upper part of your head will be the most framed.

This limitation for does not prevent Presence to discriminate between human features, animals (we could not carry out tests with monkeys and similar) and means: in practice the analysis of the movement capable of sounding an alarm but at your total discretion and if, like us, you have a dog that is stationed frequently in front of the door you will not have problems avoiding that every little move activates a push message or starts a recording.

Discrimination of objects, together with that of the areas to be analyzed, totally manageable within the control software and once the right frame has been chosen you will be able to specify in detail what the movements are and the subjects that can trigger an alarm.

The feature that skips the eye in any case is the timeline that unfolds vertically in the application and that allows you to have under control quickly all the events that took place under the eye of the camera. In addition to this, Presence records its data both on a micro-sd card that is supplied in the basic equipment, and in individual videos relating to the movements that we have decided to track on a Dropbox account that you have set up when necessary: ​​thanks to this trick you will be able to access recordings simply with your Dropbox password from any computer or device connected to the internet.

The service of infinite recording, as big as your Dropbox folder (which you can also periodically empty by moving the archives locally) is combined with those of the recording on the internal flash card but removable (with difficulty – which in any case better protects your data from theft).

When the camera detects a movement, the software decides on your previous indication based on the relevance of recording a movie and warns you by sending a message on the home of your phone (and also on the Apple Watch screen with a related photo that can also go in the complications) indicating the existence of a video that you can access after a few seconds. perhaps this latency is the most annoying thing in the system: it is clear that it is not an immediate alarm system but an access control system that can be complementary to a more complex and above all noisy alarm.

A further note deserves the LED lighting that can be activated at your choice by the movement or by the arrival of the twilight: the remarkable power and activation of the lamp (which can also be manual) offers an additional degree of accuracy when shooting in any case in full HD resolution: the result is excellent on the screen and some natural ginning is obtained by zooming in on the details.


Weight: 1 KgDimensions: 5 x 11 x 20 cmColor: Intense BlackVoltage 240 voltsComponents included: Presence camera; Assembly kit; 1 support from perete; 1 mounting element; screws for the body; 2 wall screws; 1 Allen key; Wall mounting bracket Batteries / Batteries required: No


We personally liked the camera / luminaire from the point of view of design, ease of installation and quality of the software, but we still need to evaluate the ability to combine with other pre-installed luminaires. If we talk about new projects, it could be interesting to evaluate its combination with other lighting systems with consistent colors and designs unless you plan to mount it at the entrance of condominium apartments with a reserved access to a common staircase.

It would be desirable for Netatmo to think of at least two other versions in white and silver livery to better match other lighting fixtures on the market and perhaps even experiment with different shapes.

Update May 2018: Netatmo Presence now compatible with Homekit and the framed scenes can be viewed within the "Home" application.


Very comfortable user interface of the app, possibility to consult from the web and record videos on Dropbox at no additional cost. Constructive quality decellence. LED lighting functionality that allows you to save on an additional lighting body.


Very modern design that may not adapt to the rest of the outdoor lighting fixtures in the house. Ethernet port missing.

Retail price

Netatmo Presence distributed in Italy by Nital. It can also be found in large retail stores, Apple Premium resellers and on Amazon at the full cost of approximately 299 Euro including VAT – (check any offers by clicking on the link). It is also possible to find it from certified sellers eBay at 269 Euros + 4.90 shipping.