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Netatmo Healthy home coach on trial. The guardian of home health on Homekit

Netatmo Healthy home coach on trial. The guardian of home health on Homekit

The second compatible product Netatmo homekit after the successful Smart Thermostat designed by Philip Starck it aesthetically recalls two other devices of the French company: the Weather station and the camera Welcome (soon compatible with Homekit) that we have tried in recent months on Macitynet.

Let's say that Healthy Home Coach takes some of the features dedicated to measuring internal parameters from the first model and the less technological coloring from the other. For the rest, the precise task is to monitor the best environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, noise and CO2) for the health of your home and especially for your loved ones who frequent an environment close to you or at a great distance.

A detector of environmental health conditions can help you to know your surroundings better but also to control the state of health of an elderly person's home or a child's bedroom without being invasive with cameras or environmental microphones and, as we will also see how to work from alarm system thanks to sound detection.

We see in the unpacking gallery the details of the product and the first installation phase which consists simply of connecting to the electricity grid. The Netatmo application will then take care of guiding us in configuring the product and introducing us in the interpretation of the results.

Home Coach on Homekit and also live

As we will see from the dense series of screens that you find with the review, the system currently works only with iPhone and iPad and communicates across the board with Homekit, signaling the environmental conditions directly on the home or control center application screen if you have inserted the sensors in your favorite accessories.

Data can be queried within the app which shows the conditions in a very fascinating graph and directly on the device: just touch the upper surface of the cylinder and the color of the window will pass from the rest phase to that of signaling the alarm conditions.

As always, remember that to have the consultation outside the home, outside the home Wi-Fi range (strictly on the 2.4 Ghz network) you need to have a fourth or fifth generation Apple TV or a compatible iPad.


As expected wax from Netatmo it is a well finished product with excellent management software. The arrival of iOS 11 and the improvement of the management of the sensor conditions brings a good benefit in the possibility of the system to interact with other home automation equipment (fans to perform an air exchange, the interaction with the Velux windows very comfortable for the attics, the coloring of lamps in the same room or in a distant to report any dangers).

The queries to be activated with Siri are well defined and customizable and are also provided in our language.

And to praise the commitment with which the French company undertakes to correctly translate all the texts to make them accessible even to those who do not know foreign languages.

The system of push notifications that can be deactivated, however, can keep even the most apprehensive parent or child updated.

We would have liked to see the same completeness of graphing of the levels with a trend of the historian on a time axis as happens for the Netatmo Meteo station but perhaps the company reserves it for a future update as well as the management of alarms on Homekit also for sensors other than those of CO2.

Basically a good product for those who want to keep track of the basic parameters of a home or a single room without going crazy to create complex systems.


Elegant and distinctive aesthetics, effective reporting of environmental values, good integration with Homekit (pending increase of detectable sensors), customer assistance during installation and optimal use. Efficient push signaling system


An effective representation of the historical values ​​is also missing, accessible also via the Web.

Retail price

Netatmo Healthy Home Coach costs 99 Euro including VAT and available at the APRs, Apple Stores and in the most supplied retail stores with Nital – Innovation distribution.

You can also find it on Amazon at this address for 99.99 Euro including VAT.