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Netatmo adds Tag and Siren to Welcome and creates its intelligent Video Alarm System

Netatmo's smart cameras gain new functionality with the arrival of a siren and the return of tags – smart sensors for doors and windows. Here's how they work together.

Many of our readers know or have a Netatmo Welcome or Presence camera, known for their compatibility with Homekit and now also with Alexa; some would have also read the review of the tags associated with the Netatmo Welcome camera, which then disappeared from the products marketed by the French company.

The tags, which had had some problems in the supply at the manufacturing companies, are now back as Intelligent Sensors and combine with both Netatmo Welcome and a new product, a siren with power up to 110 dB to create what Netatmo calls the Intelligent Video Alarm System.Netatmo adds Tag and Siren to Presence and creates its intelligent Video Alarm SystemThe siren is not limited to this but, once the presence of a stranger is detected while you are outside, you can reproduce pre-recorded sounds like the sound of a barking dog or a continuous impulsive noise so as to make thieves believe that there is someone in home.

Thanks to geolocation, the Video Alarm System is automatically activated and deactivated when the user leaves or returns to the house and with the added security of facial recognition that Netatmo operates with the utmost protection of your privacy.

Netatmo adds Tag and Siren to Presence and creates its intelligent Video Alarm SystemThe system allows the user to deactivate the alarms sent by the intelligent sensors for doors and windows when their family members are at home. In this way, inappropriate notifications will not be sent if a member of the family simply opens the windows to ventilate the home.

All free and with the utmost respect for privacy

All the functions of the Intelligent Video Alarm System are available for free as in the Netatno tradition: to use the solution or access your information none subscription or additional cost is required and the videos recorded by the internal Intelligent Camera are saved on the internal microSD card. The archives can also be transferred or archived automatically on the Dropbox account or on the user's personal FTP servers.

As we saw at the time in our review of Welcome and the tags, the Netatmo intelligent video alarm system is simple to install.

The user downloads the application Netatmo Security on his smartphones to connect the different products, he places the video camera and the siren at the entrance of his home and fixes the intelligent sensors on the doors and windows he wishes to monitor.

It is possible to install a siren in combination with each internal video camera and up to a total of 12 intelligent sensors for doors and windows.

Below is the unboxing of tags and cameras from our review a few months ago.

Prices and availability

The Netatmo Security app completely free and compatible with the iOS (from iOS10 and above) and Android (from Android 5.0 and above) operating systems. Netatmo Webapp also available in the version for PC and Mac.

The kit of 3 intelligent sensors for doors and windows available at a price of 99.99 from 6 September 2019, while the internal intelligent siren will be on sale from Thursday 26 September at the price of 79.99.

Both devices are accessories to Netatmo's internal intelligent video camera and cannot be used without it. The price of the camera of 199.99 but you can also buy it with reasonable discounts. All products will be available on the company's official website and also on Amazon.