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Nestcape and Lindows together to fight Microsoft

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Nestcape and Lindows together to fight Microsoft –

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Netscape, one of Microsoft's longest running enemies, and Lindows, one of Redmond's newest targets, join forces. The goal is to build an attractive software platform capable of tackling Windows more effectively.

The initiative is based on a strategic alliance which provides for the integration of the Netscape navigator in Lindows 2.0. In this way, users of the Lindows operating system, which aims to provide a consumer version of Linux, will be able to easily use a series of features in the same way that IE provides important support for the Windows operating system.

According to a press release, Lindows users "will be able to enjoy the versatility of Netscape and communication skills without the need for complex settings and through an icon interface"

Recall that Netscape, now controlled by America On Line, engaged in a complex lawsuit with Microsoft. In turn, Lindows also had judicial problems with Redmond following the promise to bring an emulator capable of making Windows programs work on the Linux platform.

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