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NEC / Mitsubishi predicts the decline of CRTs

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NEC / Mitsubishi predicts the decline of CRT –

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LCD monitor prices are set to stabilize over the next year. To predict the end of the continuous fluctuations to which the price of liquid crystal displays is subjected, one of the world's largest manufacturers in the NEC / Mitsubishi sector.

The forecast was made by John McGrath, general manager of NEC / Mitsubishi in Great Britain, during the presentation of a new range of displays.

According to McGrath, the current downward trend in prices of 15-inch monitors destined to end due to the evident impossibility of making profits below the current price levels. The same thing will happen over the next year for 17-inch displays.

At the same time, NEC / Mitsubishi also foresees a slowdown in sales in the field of CRTs, subject to thoughtful restrictions for the new laws in the field of environmental protection. In 2004, sales of LCDs will surpass those of CRTs which will remain competitive only on the market affected by the prepress and which requires large dimensions, such as the 22-inch.

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