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NEC, all in one without fan and LCD

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NEC, all in one without fan and LCD – logomacitynet1200wide 1

NEC focuses on LCD screens and hypersilent computers. The Japanese company, one of the most innovative on the IT market, yesterday announced NEC Mate, a new all-in-one model equipped with a liquid crystal display and without a fan for cooling. NEC was able to eliminate the fan thanks to the 'adoption of the Crusoe TM5800 processor, the latest generation of Transmeta's low consumption chips. NEC thus becomes the only company in the world to adopt the new Transmeta processor in the 900 MHz version and the only one to employ any chip of the company which, among others, refers to Linux Thorvalds. Recall that the Crusoe processors have been specifically designed for laptop computers and not for desktop CPUs. Among the certainly not exciting features of the NEC Mate we mention the 15-inch screen, 128 MB of Ram and CD player. All for the remarkable price of $ 2,000 on the Japanese market. Remember that Apple first introduced a fanless desktop computer. These were the new iMac CRT series launched almost two years ago. Even the late Cube was without a fan.

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