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Nebula Cosmos Max, the 4K projector with 3D Audio and elliptical look

Nebula Cosmos Max, the 4K projector with 3D Audio and elliptical look

Cinema in the living room is about to make a big leap forward with Nebula Cosmos Max, which at the time of writing represents the first LED projector in the world that combines 4K resolution and 3D Audio technology.

The most frequent readers will probably remember our review of the Nebula, the basic projector made by Anker about the size of a drink can but with respectable technical characteristics. The Nebula Cosmos Max that the company will launch its worthy heir in 2020 as it primarily enhances the resolution.

As we said, it offers 4K at 3,840 x 2,160 pixels in the Max version or Full HD at 1,080p with the Nebula Cosmos model (which from now on for simplicity we will simply call it the basic version or similar).

Both also improve the maximum projection surface, which goes from 100 to 150 inches (for when we talk about prices: keep in mind that in comparison, a 90-inch TV costs around $ 6,000).

Other noteworthy features include the presence of HDR10 technology with DLP (Digital Light Processing) from Texas Instruments, which allows you to project images with a maximum brightness of 1,500 ANSI-lumens with Nebula Cosmos Max (900 ANSI lumens instead of the maximum guaranteed from the basic model).

In both there is also the Smooth Smoothing technology that increases the frame rate thus improving the fluidity of the scenes and sharpness especially with video games. The two projectors of the new Cosmos series also use an LED bulb to replace the more traditional UHP lamp which improves the product's lifespan (the company ensures the daily viewing of a 2-hour film for 41 consecutive years without any drop in the liveliness of the colors and in overall brightness).

Nebula Cosmos Max, the 4K projector with 3D Audio

The new series also supported by Dolby Digital Plus and Sound Dimension technology which, combined with the built-in speakers, promise audio with three hundred and sixty degrees of cinema quality (speaking of sound: the maximum noise of the full-load fans of just 32 decibels) .

Inside c Android 9.0 which, combined with the WiFi module, allows you to customize the user experience with all the apps, movies, games and content distributed via the Google Play Store: in this regard, in addition to the remote control, it can also be controlled via la Nebula Connect app directly from your smartphone or tablet. Possibly there are also USB and HDMI ports or WiFi and Bluetooth for content transmission.

Nebula Cosmos Max, the 4K projector with 3D Audio

Other functions available in the Nebula Cosmos series include the automatic focusing system which promises high speed on paper and the automatic correction of horizontal distortion (vertical instead of manual) which facilitates alignment of the projection even if the device is positioned in a corner. .

How much does all this cost? It depends. Why Nebula Cosmos and Nebula Cosmos Max arrive on the market in April 2020 but Anker has already launched a fundraiser on Kickstarter that has largely exceeded the minimum budget to start mass production (it was enough 50,000 dollars but at the time of writing, the sum was collected of $ 790,000).

Nebula Cosmos Max, the 4K projector with 3D Audio

The list price will be $ 699 for Nebula Cosmos and $ 1,699 for the Max version but it is still possible to finance the project and book a unit at a discounted price. There are still some slots available to buy the Cosmos for $ 429 and just as many to reserve the Cosmos Max for $ 1,099.