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NDrive Rome, no deadline for maps

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NDrive Rome, no deadline for maps – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The most inconvenient of the bugs for those who find themselves launching a new application that focuses on originality and excellent value for money. This is how the message that appears when NDrive Roma is launched, the new and original GPS navigation program that covers the capital, also using real images, made with aerial photographic coverage.

Unfortunately – Marcin Jan Fejfer, marketing manager of the application, confirming what our site had already written last Saturday – told Macitynet in the final release the map expiration message was inadvertently left at the end of December. This does not simply correspond to reality; that welcome message was not meant to be there. The map purchased with the application usable forever, there is no expiration date. We are really sorry for this unfortunate story that has created unjustified confusion and ill humor on the one hand and has caused us significant damage to the image by making a long series of negative comments flourish both on the App Store and on some Internet sites on our application.

NDrive will cancel the bug and the offending message as soon as possible but in the meantime on iTunes the first reviews that end up under the eyes are precisely those of customers who paid attention to the incorrect communication and this certainly contributes to discouraging a significant number of customers and to bring down the average judgment. In practice, almost all negative judgments – the NDdrive manager says to Macitynet – are determined by that message; who has also learned from our communications that it was a bug, has a completely different opinion. We would have liked that those who had purchased the NDrive Roma map would concentrate on the product, which we think is truly innovative and offered at a very interesting price, instead all, or almost all, ended up behind that wrong message.

The hope of Ndrive that those who buy on the App Store, with the help of specialized sites such as Macity, are clear that there is no time limit. The rest should do the update (coming this week) which should also introduce some refinement.

NDrive Rome costs 2.39 euros and can be purchased from here

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