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Napster Pride: "Our spot had an effect"

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Didn't like the spot? He didn't have to like it, but simply to be clear. This is Napster's reply to the "anti-iTunes" advertising presented during the Superbowl and which ended sadly last as an appeal in the authoritative AD Meter ranking.

According to the managers of the company that operates in the music business on the Internet, those who carry out the evaluations make a mistake in their judgment. The ad was not meant to make people laugh – said spokeswoman Dana Harris – but to make people understand something. A goal that, according to Napster, would have been achieved.

Proof? In the sale of a thousand bundles of MP3 player and trial passes that took place shortly after the commercial was launched. Even some analysts, like Jim Nail of Forrester, believe that advertising may have been effective.

Other observers, on the other hand, think that the emotional aspect is important and that the "cat that knows how to do something" does not affect the imagination. "A commercial that wants to produce a real effect – advertiser Jorda Fisher told C / Net – must appeal to logic, but first it must also be able to attract consumer attention. This is what Apple did with the iPod when it brought the focal point on freedom of use and only later focused on 10,000 songs. "

Among pro opinions and opinions against, one of the few reliable assessment meters given by the increase in visits to the Napster site which, according to Comscore, grew by 30% compared to the average of the four previous Sundays. An uninspiring figure not so much compared to the stratospheric + 594% set by Budweiser (whose spot was judged the best) when compared to the one recorded by iTunes. The online sales site of Apple, despite a lackluster advertisement, has recorded a + 172% in terms of views, six times the increase of Napster and fifth result in the ranking of 'winners' among the Internet sites that have more enjoyed the Superbowl effect. This data speaks volumes about the interest of the promotional initiative launched in conjunction with Pepsi but which above all eclipse the poor + 30% of the competitor.

It is therefore not surprising that the financial market, which is usually very cynical and not at all inclined to be coaxed by public relations, while giving Apple a modest rise severely punished Napster whose shares fell 10% yesterday, returning to $ 8.70 . Not by chance, more or less, the same level they had before the announcement of the Superbowl commercial.