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Nanoleaf Canvas, the touch light panels at CES 2019: Homekit, Alexa and Google compatible

Nanoleaf Canvas, i pannelli luminosi con tecnologia touchscreen al CES 2019

We had already told you about the Nanoleaf Canvas, the successor light panels of the Aurora series already on sale in some APRs in Italy, but now we know a little more thanks to the information sent to us by our correspondent at the Consumer Electronics Show who took the opportunity to meet a company spokesperson at the stand at the Las Vegas fair.

Unlike Aurora panels, the new Canvas are square in shape and are sensitive to touch: this is possible to control the activation of the animations simply by touching the single panel and using real games that activate the panels according to the programming: we will have games like Simon or wack-a-mole (crush the mole – here without the obvious hammer).

This lighting system is compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and can also be controlled via voice commands via Siri. Each tile measures 15 x 15 cm and 1.3 cm thick, weighs about 170 grams and occupies an area of ​​0.02 m2.

Nanoleaf Canvas, the light panels with touchscreen technology at CES 2019

Obviously, the possibility of customizing, programming and controlling the lights through the application remains, with which it is possible, for example, to regulate the switching on of the panels with a particular light with gradually increasing intensity upon awakening. The lighting can also automatically change to the rhythm of the music playing on the speakers.

The Nanoleaf Canvas kit includes 9 tiles and everything needed for wall installation, including the 25 W charger needed to power the system. It is already on sale on the official website at a price of 199.99 euros.

Below you can see some images taken at 360 * in the CES 2019 installation.Nanoleaf Canvas, the light panels with touchscreen technology at CES 2019Nanoleaf Canvas, the light panels with touchscreen technology at CES 2019

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