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Myth III revealed

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Myth III revealed logomacitynet1200wide 1

The date of the release of Myth III The Wolf Age is approaching and more and more precise news about the characteristics of the new episode of the saga that was launched by Bungie are beginning to leak.A article with many details and interesting information appeared in recent days on InsideMacGames that had the opportunity to see the game live, directly in the studios of Mambo Jumbo who is taking care of the realization on behalf of TakeTwo who holds the rights after the acquisition of Bungie by Microsoft. The most important news, as we have already got to write, I'm in the engine that now presents the entire environment, including characters, in 3D. This allows a rendering of the details much higher than that of the first two episodes. Above all, zooming on the ground does not lead to a "pixelated" effect for some of the details of the scenario as happened in The fallen Lords and Soulblighter. The new graphics engine allows an exceptional performance in other aspects too. For example, the armor reflects the light, the incendiary bombs leave a trail of fire in the air and their trace in flight illuminates the environment. The animations have also been significantly improved. The Myrkridia, sort of wolf men who characterized The Soulblighter, for example now move more fluidly. Even the groups of characters, who in previous episodes moved in one group at the same rate as if they were toy soldiers, have been rendered with more sophisticated technique.The attention to detail has also been extended to many other aspects. For example, the system with which the "health" of the characters indicated to the players, the blood of the units that are killed has been changed flows downwards if they are on a hill, the water reflects the light and so on. on InsideMacGames it didn't affect the speed of the game that much. With a Geforce2 a screen with a very animated field, the system still managed to reproduce 15 frames per second. Mumbo Jumbo programmers will also include an application for editing and creating maps on the game disc. The good news that the tool, called Vengeance, will be able to create compatible files for both Mac and PC. The Mac version will be released together with the PC version; perhaps only a slight delay will characterize our platform compared to the Wintel one. The date set for October 1st, the system requests speak of a 400mhz G3 with a 16MB video card and 64MB of RAM. A Carbonized version for MacOs X will also be included

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