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Myst will land on the iPhone

Myst, the epic game that marked an era in the mid-1990s, is about to land on the iPhone. This was announced by some UruLive developers, one of the many projects gemmed by Myst and Cyan, the developer that the Miller brothers, creators of the game, had founded years ago.

Myst for iPhone, whose name will be "iMist", being created thanks to the financial contribution of an external publisher whose name is not mentioned, which engages a small group (three people) whose task will be to adapt the original game to the iPhone screen and technologies.

To those who have never heard of Myst, its Ages, Atrus and his children Sirrus and Achenar and the mysterious island that gives the game its title, it is difficult to explain the history and the deep involvement that the game, a puzzle game where some puzzles had to be solved in order to proceed in history, he produced. The mysterious setting, a sort of reinterpretation of the world of Jules Verne, the sense of desolation, the impressive sound, made Myst the best-selling game in history before the appearance of The Sims. Myst also made a substantial contribution to the diffusion of the CD-ROM as it was (with 7th Guest) the first game of great impact to request the optical disc player. In the photos below some screenshots of the original Mac version of the game.

Nothing is known of the iPhone version of Myst; it is not known whether the iPhone version will be similar to the original that had fixed screens or if it is an heir to the remake that at the beginning of 2000 gave the game 3D graphics rendered in real time. It is not even known how long it will take to hit the market, but it is certain that fans will keep their antennae high.