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my160 SMS optimizer for iPhone

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my160 SMS optimizer for iPhone – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Not even on the super-equipped iPhone can you know if our SMS has exceeded the 160 character limit: the inconvenience solved by the my160 application. But in addition to counting the characters typed, my160 warns us with a vibration when we exceed the limit. The application then performs a series of automatic and customizable functions to compact the text inside SMS as much as possible.

my160 removes spaces by transforming the first letter of the word in upper case, to maintain readability, for example the phrase "Hello how are you?" is transformed into "CiaoComeStai?". It is also possible to perform a customized replacement of some words within the SMS, so by pressing a single button it is possible to transform "why" into "xch". From the my160 settings panel, you can enter the original character or word and then indicate the abbreviated version to the software. Finally my160 can eliminate or reduce unnecessary punctuation.

my160 proposed on the App Store at 79 cents.

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