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My wallet is bigger than yours

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My portfolio is bigger than yours

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The next few weeks, perhaps even the next few days, perhaps the next few hours as the market is going, could mark a historic date, at least for the world that is more attentive to gossip than to the substance of IT: Bill Gates could be ousted from the throne of richer than the world. Indeed according to some media the historical date would have already struck and in its place would be Larry Ellison, a member of the Apple board of directors, a friend ("his only friend", as he likes to repeat) of Steve Jobs, but above all president and absolute master by Oracle. The growth of the company that produces the world's leading database in the field of network computers would mark the record for the vain multi-billion dollar Information Technology. The percentage growth of the Oracle stock (approximately + 500% in 12 months) and the decline in Microsoft's shares have brought the two very close together in the ideal ranking of neighboring world superscripts which, according to an estimate of a few days ago, in fact Ellison had a personal capital in shares of about 52 billion dollars (more or less 110,000 billion lire) while Gates had about 130,000 billion lire in capital. the swings of these days and the collapse of Microsoft would have given the primacy to Ellison. "I don't know if this can upset Gates, but Larry would have an immense satisfaction," Mike Wilson, known to be the author of the biography, we imagine very unauthorized of Ellison entitled "The difference between God and Larry Ellison: God does not think he is Larry Ellison". "On the other hand – added Wilson – the owner of Oracle has always pointed to this: to be the only rival of Gates and beat him in all fields", including that of wealth. On the contrary it does not seem that Gates can worry too much of this possible overtaking, which seems more concentrated on the battle with the Government. "I think that in this regard Gates is very mature – said J Richard, of J Richard & Co., a company that deals with the analysis of managers' compensation – and left this issue behind."

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