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MWSF10: HyperMac super batteries for all Apple devices

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MWSF10: HyperMac super batteries for all Apple devices –

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On the HyperMac stand at Macworld you can admire a complete range of external batteries designed to make the most of not only computers but also Apple pocket devices. Built with a durable aluminum external chassis, which aesthetically matches Apple notebooks, they integrate a quality lithium-ion battery rechargeable up to 1,000 times. The manufacturer wishes to clarify that the value of 1,000 charging and recharging cycles of the HyperMacs must be compared with the 300 possible with traditional batteries.

Different models are available that stand out for their size and capacity: starting from 222Wh through 150Wh, 100Wh and finally 60Wh. The manufacturer declares that with the most powerful battery it is possible to use a MacBook Pro for up to 34 hours, equal to approximately 4x the original autonomy. With MacBook Air it is possible to reach an auomy 6 times higher than the standard one, while for iPhone it is possible to reach even 52 times the original autonomy.

The images taken at the Macworld HyperMac stand show the external batteries of the traditional series, in aluminum gray color, but also the new more colorful models with different shapes, sizes and capacities. In particular, we note the new HyperMac Nano model, an external pocket battery that also integrates a wire with dock connector, to recharge iPhone, iPod touch and even all iPods with Dock on the road.

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