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MWC: ShowBusiness, the advance of GSMA 2010 immediately brings iPhone to the center

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40 names: the most dynamic, those capable of sniffing the air and sensing where the wind is blowing, when they themselves are not blowing it … 40 companies have chosen to anticipate the blow-ups of the GSMA Mobile World Congress by beating the competition over time.

Augmented reality, Opera Mini browser, cases capable of withstanding the worst weather, voice recognition systems, Bluetooth headset integrated into the iPhone case, video conferencing systems: this and more was presented during the afternoon in the conference room of the Hilton Barcelona, ​​thanks to the organization of Steven J. Leon, owner of ShowStoppers.

In this advance of MWC 2010 which starts tomorrow, we were able to preview some of the most interesting products on display. Among the most deserving of mention are the Norwegians of Opera Software who demonstrated practically behind closed doors their Opera Mini for iPhone, a browser that goes to play directly on the playing field of the hosts of Apple.

But the iPhone is the protagonist in many of the stands: Otterbox invites us to insert our mobile phone in one of their fully-proof cases. The hard shell in which the phone rests in turn protected by a thick layer of hard rubber. To our doubts about the usability of the touch screen with all that armor, we were simply told to try. The experience has surpassed the expectation: the touch remains precise and direct and the screen remains sensitive to our fingers, as in its condition original. Truly amazing.

Equally astonishing is the product of Newton Peripherals: MoGo Talk, an iPhone case that integrates a Bluetooth headset in its shell of which we speak separately. In a single device it is possible both to protect the Apple mobile phone and to permanently store the headset, without the risk of losing it in your pockets and always carry it with you.

Novatel Wireless shows in action its MiFi already reviewed by Macity, a pocket hotspot, a multifunctional lifeline, capable of solving many mobility needs on the road.

A screen similar to VoiceOver for iPhone attracts us and we ask for explanations. Nuance managers invite us to test their speech recognition system and transform it into SMS or email through an online processing system. just call a gateway phone number (one for each country where the service is active, including Italy) that records our speech and responds with the exact transcription of our words. Skeptical we try the service by speaking in Italian and French in a hoarse cold voice and sensitive background noise. The excellent mechanism: the return SMS message contains exactly all our words.

iPhone still superstar the WorkSnug augmented reality platform in partnership with Plantronics. Just frame the surrounding environment and the information panels will appear superimposed on the images to signal tourist, commercial and everything else imaginable information.

In the next few hours, further articles will describe in detail the merits and proposals of the companies analyzed.