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Music piracy, record companies are asking for EU help

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Also in Europe there is the lament and warning of the music industry that fears the cut in profits and the irreversible crisis following the spread of digital piracy.

The alarm was raised by Jay Berman, president of the Industry Federation of Phonographic Industries (IFPI) who spoke in the context of the IPFI Platinum Europe awards, the event that rewards artists who have sold more than a million copies.

Berman said that the incidence of music piracy becomes more and more evident, as evidenced by the fact that in 2000, before the spread of peer to peer, as many as 7 artists had sold more than five million copies of records on the old continent. Since then no one has managed to achieve this.

"Free music means less music for everyone – said Berman -, less artists, less choice, fewer jobs"

According to Berman in Europe the countries that suffered the most serious problems were Denmark (-19%), Belgium and Austria (-10%)

IFPI therefore appeals to the European Community and to the Governments of the old continent to take drastic measures to limit this phenomenon which is considered very serious. "Ad hoc laws must be created – said Berman – and a civil conscience must be formed on the subject. Governments must help us to let people know that those who steal music undermine the future of the artists they love "

John Kennedy, president of Universal Music International, said that the record companies are working with the EU to end the discriminatory tax practices that are poured on CDs contrary to what happens for other products that concern the cultural field.