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Music on Click !, indeed on PocketZip.

Music on Click !, indeed on PocketZip. logomacitynet1200wide 1

It was called Click! and it has never had a great success, now it is called PocketZip and is also destined to the audio sector as well as to mini storage (such as digital photography).

Iomega has chosen the multimedia format (WMA) of Windows Media Player 7 (not yet released for Mac) but also the MP3, the technology (DRM) for copyright protection and its renewed (in the name) 40 Mb media.

With HipZip (the player) PocketZip can hold about 80 minutes of digital music, I-Jam Multimedia will churn out music on PocketZip.

For Mac users the MusicMatch Jukebox Plus will be provided as software to "move" music from the Mac onto the HipZip.

It's big "like a Palm", it has rechargeable batteries that last 12 hours and there are already some accessories for sale.

HipZip will be on sale from Monday next to $ 299 also from the Iomega store.

Special offers

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