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Music (and more) in the GameBoy

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Music (and not only) in the GameBoy – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The pervasiveness of MP3 and digital generally finds new confirmations every day. Yesterday's news, for example, that soon even those who use the GameBoy pocket video game will be able to listen to their favorite songs without resorting to other devices.

The announcement comes from a company founded just a few weeks ago, SongPro which is planning to launch a device on the market by the end of the year that will match the GameBoy.

With $ 99, this is the price of SongPro, users will not only be able to listen to music, but also to watch movies, images and read the lyrics of the songs thanks to the use of a proprietary SongPro Audio standard. This could, in perspective, make the GameBoy tool for universal reproduction of various types of media. Always in a future key SongPro imagines the distribution of sponsored music and videos and therefore totally free for end users.

The Californian company is currently studying the copyright protection systems to be applied to the system and the distribution network. According to some sources within the company, some of the major music production companies have shown great interest in this entrepreneurial initiative.

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