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Murphy, the Microsoft bot that makes photomontages of VIPs and politicians

What would Obama be like if he were Bush? Microsoft's bot replies, with a photo


Another bot to take to the beach. Murphy is a chatbot that combines faces of famous people based on user requests. MSQRD, Snapchat filters, Face Swap that even makes live photomontages: divertissements on the exchange of physiognomies seem to be the fashion of the moment, and this new creature signed by Microsoft rides the wave.

The operation of the bot, available on Telegram and Skype, but soon also Messenger and Slack, simple, just ask him (in English) "how would Tiziose be Caio?", or "How would Sempronio be if he had Tizio's hair?". And so on.

If Obama was a baby:


If Nixon had Trump's hair:


Once you get the result, you can ask the bot for a change of face (intended as a photo used), or other solutions to your question, simply by using smileys."How would I be, if I were the name of the famous person", Murphy will reply to send him your photo. It is better to choose it with care (not too close close-ups, for example), because in that case the system still makes some mess.

Some horrifying solutions, but the fun part, in theory, should be just that.

Bush if he had the face of Obama:


Adele with Bob Marley's hair:


And one of the best, Clinton-robot:


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