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Multitouch screens: iPhone will lead the way

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The launch of the iPhone will produce a real revolution in the field of touch screens, changing the scenario of the technology behind them. This is the opinion expressed by the analysis company iSuppli.

Based on research carried out at the component suppliers, iSuppli believes that the launch of the Apple mobile phone will oblige all competitors to adopt the new moultitouch displays, abandoning those sensitive simply to pressure. The research carried out indicates a doubling of the worldwide turnover of touch screens that will go from 2.4 billion dollars in 2006 to 4.4 billion dollars in 2012.

According to iSuppli, screens capable of understanding user gestures will change the scenario not only of cellular telephony and pocket devices, two areas in which they represent a determining factor for the convenience of the interface; the automotive, aeronautics and computers sectors will also benefit from the technology. Also in sight are applications in the sector of industrial control systems.

iSuppli, underlining how iPhone will give the market impetus, also underlines that Apple could be the main obstacle to a rapid spread of moultitouch screens. In fact, Cupertino controls many of the patents that allow the use of these types of screens. Despite, in fact, many screen manufacturers are now able to create moultitouch hardware, only Apple seems to have been able to introduce software capable of exploiting this ability into a mobile phone.

iSuppli, in any case, believes that even if Apple (as expected) does not license its patents, alternative solutions should soon appear capable of determining a host of new products inspired by the functions of the iPhone.