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Multitasking and multi windows on iPhone, iPod, iPad with Multify

Multitasking and multi windows on iPhone, iPod, iPad with Multify


Download Multify tweakfrom Cydia for iPhone, iPod and iPad. How to have multitasking and multi windows on iOS. Open two windows on iPad simultaneously

Thanks to the tweak Cydia Multify the dream of multitasking for iPad and iOS 8 finally becomes reality

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Multitasking, multiwindow and split-screen on iPhone, iPod and iPad thanks to the Multify tweak.

The Multi-Window finally arrives on iOS! Not thanks to Apple, but thanks to a third-party developer. Let's discover together this new and spectacular tweak that allows you to open two windows simultaneously on iPhone, iPod and iPad and to have the true multi windows also on iOS.

Multify, the real multi windows for iOS 8 (but only for those who have the jailbreak)

Here we are at a new appointment with ibest tweaks for Cydia compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad updated to iOS 8.

The Cydia tweak for iOS 8 which I point out to you today is called Multifye allows you to have true multitasking and multiwindow on iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Are you aware of the tablets and smartphones of Samsung and LG, based on the Android operating system, where the user can divide the screen of the device into two parts to open two applications simultaneously? Here, a similar thing also arrived for iPhone, iPod and iPad with jailbreak thanks to the tweakMultify.

Multifyin fact, it allows you to divide the screen of iPhone, iPod and iPad into two parts and simultaneously open two programs in two separate screens. Thanks toMultifywe will be able to open multiple applications simultaneously on iPhone, iPod and iPad to make the most of iOS 8 multitasking.

But let's find out in detail this tweakMultify.

undoubtedlyMultify one of the best tweaks currently available for iPhone, iPod and iPad and able to convince practically any Apple user to jailbreak their device, especially if the device in question has a screen with generous dimensions, an ideal situation to make the most ofMultify.

With Multify, in fact, we can simultaneously open two applications on the same screen of the iPhone, iPod and iPad, making the most of the multitasking of our device. split-screen function (or multitasking or multiwindows) something that Apple users have been waiting for years and finally these features arrive thanks to a new tweak available on Cydia.

Given that the multitasking introduced by Multify on iOS will never be on par with what we are used to using on our PCs or Macs, I must say that the tweak works in a truly grandiose way and actually allows you to interact with two or more applications simultaneously on iOS. It will allow us, for example, to check e-mails or messages while watching a movie, to simultaneously read the information contained in an e-mail while replying to an SMS.

The truly minimal Multify interface: clear, simple and clean, but provides all the options and functions necessary for the user. We have to manage a few simple toggles, accompanied by clear descriptions and connected to functions that are just as easy to understand. Among the many, the favorites function, which is particularly useful and noteworthy, allows you to create a list of predefined applications, always available within Multify and ready to start in a short time.

Using Multify is very easy, even if initially you have to take a moment with this tweak. There is no tutorial that explains step by step how to start using tweak, but, after a few minutes of patience, you will be able to use it without problems.

Basically Multify offers 3 main actions, for each of which there is the possibility of associating a corresponding event in the Activator:

Multify Activation Methods: with this action it is possible to invoke the general activation of the tweak. Bring up a screen that will allow you to deselect the applications to be used with Multify. For each application running, its icon will appear at the top of the screen, in ChatHead style.

Open App Activation Methods:this function allows you to add an application already open to the list of applications managed by Multify.

Edit Activation Methods: This is the heart of Multify, the system thanks to which you can start changing the arrangement of the various windows containing all the applications previously selected to support them and use them simultaneously in multiwindows style on iPhone, iPod and iPad.

It is important to note that, through the Edit function, you can also activate the manual modification of the position and size of each application open in multiwindows, so as to arrange them at your convenience.

Finally, I would like to point out that to close an application and remove it from multitasking, simply drag it to the external edges of the work area once you have entered the edit mode.

As anticipated, using Multify is easy, but you will need a few minutes to adapt and get to know the program well. When you have gained confidence, you can no longer do without it!

Here is a video that explains in detail how tweak works:

Needless to mention that The potential of Multify is best expressed on iPad, given the larger screen area available, but nothing prevents it from being used on the iPhone or iPod Touch.

We conclude by saying that overall Multify an excellent tweak that finally allows you to have true multitasking and multi windows on the iPhone, iPod and iPad. To be downloaded immediately.

Ah, I almost forgot: the tweak is free to download from the BigBoss repo on Cydia!

Obviously this tweak requires the jailbreak of your Apple device to work. If you don't know how to do it, here are our guides:


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