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Multicultural spot for the iPhone?

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Multicultural spot for the iPhone? | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Multiculturalism could be the advertising driving force for iPhone. A spot with voices in different languages ​​and faces captured around the world with Cupertino's cell phone at the center is described as being prepared by the magazine specializing in media and advertising MediaDailyNews.

While not providing any precise feedback on the source of the indiscretion, the site extends into interesting details such as the locations of the spot, which would be Manhattan and Brookling, and the nationality of the protagonists of the spot (or spots). Among them an Asian who speaks Mandarin, a taxi driver who speaks French, two Jamaicans (or Caribbean citizens) who speak English with a strong accent and an Orthodox Jew who speaks Hebrew. Each character in the spot would be taken up in his daily activities; for example, the Chinese citizen would be at work at the fish market.

The attempt by the advertising agency would be to demonstrate how the iPhone is everyone's phone, for everyday life and how its identity is the multiculture and diversity of identity connected to the plurality of its functions.

Apple has already followed a rather similar philosophy with the first iPhone commercial, shown during the night of the commercials. On that occasion they were actors from different eras filmed on the phone on the set of more or less famous films intent simply on saying 'ready'. The advertisement was made by TBWA Chiat / Day, the reference agency for Apple.

MediaDailyNews warns readers not to take it for granted that the multi-ethnic spot will actually appear on TV or on the Internet. At the moment it would be an idea that is carefully analyzed and evaluated but not yet definitively approved.

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