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MSN TV is the new frontier of Microsoft.

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MSN TV the new frontier of Microsoft. – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Not very interactive and a lot of television, MSN TV and the US costs only $ 10 a month if used for 5 hours. The new born comes from the experience of Web TV (initially Sony and purchased by Microsoft in 1997) and more recently from the just failed UltimateTV (which combined the satellite reception of television channels with Internet surfing including the sending and receiving of e-mail but with the possibility of digital recording of programs). The MSN TV set-top-box costs 100 dollars and is built by RCA ( Although it seems to us that the North American people are not particularly attracted to these services, it is no coincidence that the once celebrated TiVo has announced its next closure. Will Bill Gates turn this latest idea of ​​web TV into gold?

The idea of ​​the handyman set top box has long clashed with the incompatibility of standards, with the difficulties of interaction and with the need to equip the device with an innumerable (and expensive) series of accessories to transform it in the end into a simil computer with all the inconveniences of the case and few practical advantages. The typical internet user wants a high interactivity, the possibility to update his software to manage new plugins, the immediate possibility to record his messages emails and files received and above all not to bind to a single service provider.

How many of our readers subscribing to Stream use the email service available with the new satellite receivers? How successful have the various models of Web TV in our country with the receivers that have been lying unsold for months at retailers?

The American people are perhaps more lazy and are used to spending most of the time sprawled in front of the TV, but active use of the network occurs only through the web, a computer or a PDA and the TV can only be one occasional internet exploitation tool.

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