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Mpeg 4 support for Cleaner 6.

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Mpeg 4 support for Cleaner 6. –

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Canadian Discreet (division of Autodesk) has released cleaner 6 for Mac (Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X), the reference application for encoding audio / video files, usually used in combination with Apple FinalCut Pro, Avid Xpress DV or similar This version includes support for Mpeg 4 and AAC – Advanced Audio Coding, thanks to QuickTime 6. Other formats are supported and improved (in addition to the well-known RealMedia, WindowsMedia and Kinoma for handhelds), such as the Mpeg 1 codec and 2, with VBR – Variable Bit Rate 2-pass, ideal for DVD Videos (Mpeg 2). Support of the AltiVec (Velocity Engine, as Apple calls it) optimization of the G4 processor (also dual) .Bench the version sold on the site 5.1 is still Italian (900 euros VAT included), in the USA the full price of 600 dollars, while the upgrade costs 180 dollars.For more information we suggest contacting Autodesk Authorized Resellers in Italy, as well as viewing the specific PDF (110 KB).

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