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Mozilla Firefox 71: PiP arrives on Windows and improves tracking protection

Firefox 71 is available for download on PC and mobile: the news are not numerous but some are noteworthy. Among all stands out the Picture-in-Picture on Windows, which, as those who also use Chrome will know, allows you to move videos in an independent window. Just pass the mouse over the video and a small blue indicator should appear on the side. A video in PiP can be moved wherever you want on the screen, even outside the Firefox window, and always remains in the foreground.

There are also improvements to the integrated password manager, which is called Lockwise: now it is able to recognize subdomains and then automatically fill in the necessary fields. In addition, reports of violated sites (which debuted with Firefox 70) are now compatible with screen readers.

Finally i anti-tracking systems integrated notifications now show when they are able to block cryptocurrency miners. There is also a counter showing how many announcements have been blocked in the session (just click on the icon depicting a shield in the address bar. By the way, Mozilla takes the opportunity to signal that blocked trackers have already passed 1,000 billion , globally and since they were officially launched in July.