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Moves: fitness app on Android

According to what we learned, we can say that theMOVES app, already present for a while on the iOS operating system, has also been very successful on Android.

Moves is nothing but an application dedicated to fitness, which a few days ago the developers have made available also for Android users, who will be able to download the app for free from the Play Store. Moves has the ability to supervise the daily movements of the user, while the latter walks or moves on a bicycle, in this way the application can report data within a kind of daily activity report.

In addition, Moves characterized by its simple and immediate design that allows the user to be able to use it very easily. In fact, when the app is opened, it starts doing everything by itself. You don't even have to open the program when it startsphysical activity, but only once after installing it.

According to what Sampo Karjalainen, well-known designer & CEO Moves, learned, he said: "We believe that Moves is the most famous 'activity tracker' available, monitoring over two billion steps every day. It is enough to download and start it to follow your daily movements. There is no need to purchase, charge, transport and synchronize another device. "

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