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Motorola sells the PPC division to Hitachi?

According to some rumors to be verified, Hitachi plans to buy Motorola's PowerPC division.

MacOSRumors, a site that has often proven unreliable, publishes news that would appear in a Japanese newspaper dedicated to the world of semiconductors.

According to reports from the site, it appears that Hitachi plans to buy Motorola's PowerPC division. It is known that Motorola has various financial problems (too many quarters are ending in red) and would have even thought of selling the MetroWerks division in recent months.

Hitachi and Motorola have always had a good relationship, since the days of Motorola's 6809 chip (used in many arcade games and home computers of the 1980s). Hitachi has created several faster "clones" than the 6809 in past years.

According to reports from Mac OS Rumors, Hitachi is interested in PPC technology to be able to exploit it in the new third generation mobile phones (Japan is the leader in this sector). Morishita Koichiro, head of Hitachi's Consumer Electronis division, would also have declared the company's intention to base all its digital hub on PPC processors. The digital hub (also called "home gateway") to which Koichiro refers should consist of a partnership between Hitachi, Nintendo, NEC and Access. According to rumors from the world of Japanese industry, it would appear that Nintendo would intend to discontinue the home-console division within the next year, as recently done by SEGA.

DenkiKidsGen, a Japanese magazine dedicated to the world of video games, has published an interview in which Nintendo's Hardware Solutions manager would have confirmed the partnership between Hitachi and Nintendo, an idea supported by the team that developed the GameCube (which, we remember, mount a PowerPC).

After putting aside the "home" line (GameCube), the remaining hardware of the Japanese company will target the world of portable and mobile devices (the "GameBoy" line). Throughout this project, the Japanese giant Nec, will have 15% as well as providing hardware solutions for the video section.

Japan's Access (market leader among manufacturers of mobile phones with browsers) will assist Nintendo and Hitachi in integrating the new "digital hub" on the Internet and in developing a marketing strategy for products, such as MP3 players.

How all this can affect Apple is not yet clear. It is likely that Apple and IBM may make a stronger alliance or, why not, join forces to buy Motorola's PPC division, as hypothesized, seems with greater foundation than the thesis of a purchase by Hitachi, a few months ago by several sites.