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Motorola Razr disassembled, that's what the leaflet hides

motorola razr uff 3

The PBKreviews YouTube channel put its hand to the Motorola Razr, not to review it, but to dismantle it and thus show the magic hidden inside the device.

The video shows, first of all, how much work is needed, and how many screws must be disassembled, before reaching the heart of the terminal, which of course represented by the folding display, the real protagonist of the device. The first few minutes of video, however, make it clear to the user that in case of damage it will be better to contact the parent company, rather than attempting a DIY repair at home.

Initially it will be necessary, in fact, to heat the back of the phone to dissolve the glue present therein and open the terminal with plastic tools. Once inside, you will have to deal with dozens of screws and cables. The display is the last element that can be removed. PBKreviews says disassembly was far from easy and probably not a job that most people could face.

Motorola released a "Caring for Razr" video in January, in which it explains how to take care of the terminal, and in which users are reminded that the presence of "small bumps and lumps are normal" on the smartphone display. The video suggests to keep the device dry, do not use screen protectors and close the phone before storing it in your pocket or bag, to avoid damage.

Motorola RAZR the first clamshell Android with folding screen

The good news, however, that the repair of the screen is not as expensive as one might imagine, with a cost of just $ 299, provided that the damage is not covered by the warranty. Certainly not an economic change, but it is, as Phone Arena also points out, just 20 dollars more than a new display for Galaxy Note.