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Motorola PowerPC @ 550 MHz.

Motorola PowerPC @ 550 MHz. logomacitynet1200wide 1

Days after the announcement of the upcoming Pentium 4 @ 1400/1500 MHz, at least from a nominal point of view (but not only when the difference is so overwhelming, alas) of the triple most powerful of the G4 currently on the market on Apple computers, Motorola yesterday announced the PPC 7410, a PowerPC processor of the G4 family, which uses HiPerMOS 6 (HiP6) technology with 0.18 micron circuits on copper (in the future it will be able to implement IBM's SOI technology) , consumption of only 6 Watts at 550 MHz and which is half of the PPC 7400 in terms of size. The processor is not intended for the desktop market, but for the integrated systems market and therefore the so-called set-top-boxes. Motorola at the moment has not been very precise on the intended uses, but the fact that the chip was announced in the context of a conferenwa for embedded systems and that the processor contains an AltiVec unit makes us believe that the purpose of the 7410 is to bring technology outside the pure and simple computer market. Despite this, as some Motorola managers have pointed out, the processor can formally be adapted to a traditional computer. Maintains multiprocessing features and supports up to 2 MB of second level cache. It seems to us difficult to think that this processor can replace the current G4 in one in the PowerMac. Its best feature, in fact, is not the speed (versions up to 550 MHz are foreseen but at the moment the available cuts are the same as the MPC7400, that is 400, 450 and 500 MHz) but the low consumption.

It could, therefore, be a processor suitable for laptops if Apple decided to implement AltiVec also in Powerbooks. But for that area, the writer continues to believe that the Cupertino company rather points to the PPC 750CX family, this for strategic reasons, not to alienate the favors of IBM that produces them, and the market (those who use a Powerbook do not have what need speed is the primary in accelerated applications for AltiVec, but of light machines, with low consumption and fast mendamente in all. All these guarantees are offered by the new 750CXe that IBM will release in volumes before the end of the year.

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