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Motorola Milestone versus iPhone 3GS, cameras compared

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After our general impressions of the Motorola Milestone compared to the iPhone and some impressions of use, we compared the cameras of the two devices more thoroughly. For those unfamiliar with the specifications, Milestone has an advantage: both from a hardware and software point of view.

As hardware, the Motorola mobile phone mounts a 5Mpx camera with autofocus and integrated dual LED flash; there is also a special button used for taking pictures. The iPhone 3Gs instead has a 3Mpx camera, without flash and tap-to-focus function.

The latter represents the only true "plus" of the iPhone; for the rest the Milestone includes numerous shooting options: the choice of focus (automatic, infinite or macro), the flash mode, the type of scene to be taken (night, beach, portrait, etc.), white balance, image size and quality and georeferencing, not only via GPS but also via Wi-Fi and cells. A long series of options absent on the iPhone, which, combined with the hardware features, should theoretically give reason to the Milestone which, in fact, wins on the iPhone 3GS in practically all situations, not only for the functional superiority, but also for the concrete performance.

The camera of the Motorola device takes more balanced shots in each compartment, highlighting a better exposure, more evident details and greater fidelity for the colors.

The only case in which a potential draw is obtained is a scarcity of light: while the Milestone highlights greater loyalty, the photographs remain excessively underexposed, the iPhone manages to optimize the sensitivity of the shot, however increasing the noise. The draw for theory only: the Milestone has the presence of the flash, which – although it is nothing exceptional – restores the advantage, allowing a more effective use even in low light conditions.

In conclusion, the Motorola mobile phone comes out victorious from the clash, by virtue of both its hardware advantage and the software features that Android makes available.

The shots of the comparison can be examined in this photo gallery. (By Giordano Araldi)