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Motorola Milestone and iPhone 3GS compared

logomacitynet1200wide 1 has the opportunity to compare the Apple iPhone 3GS with the Motorola Milestone, the European version of the American Droid, a cell phone that has earned the recognition of an authentic anti-iPhone, also awarded by Time Magazine as a gadget of 2009 iPhone ranks fourth instead.

The mobile phone is not only the most popular competitor of the Apple mobile phone, but also represents the return of Motorola, a company in deep crisis in the mobile market. With the Milestone / Droid it seems that the "wings" have started flying again.

We first of all compared the two American devices first of all in size and shape. As you can see, the design representative of two opposite philosophies: the iPhone shows off its rounded and sinuous lines, while the Milestone dominates the squares, corners and edges.

The dimensions of the Milestone are overall greater than the iPhone: 60 x 115.80 x 13.70 mm against 62.10 x 115.50 x 12.30 mm. The iPhone slightly wider but thinner and less long. Also on the weight advantage for the Apple mobile phone, 125 g against the 165 g of Motorola.

We must remember that the Milestone incorporates a full qwerty slider keyboard; it is perhaps one of the thinnest phones on the market with a qwerty keyboard included, a tool that justifies the thickness and weight of the Motorola mobile phone and which represents the main hardware difference with the iPhone.

For the remaining features, please refer to our online comparison gallery.

[Edited by Giordano Araldi]