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Motorola is preparing a tablet, the first after years

(Foto: Android Police)

The Lenovo-controlled house is building an Android tablet, the first after years of inactivity. The market is no longer that of 2012

(Photo: Android Police)(Photo: Android Police)

Not a favorable period for producers who want to bet on tablets: the sector in crisis for months and pull out of the hat a product capable of teasing the interest of a market now satisfied by the arduous smartphone as never before. For this reason the news is still astonishing, in reality that after years of absence in this category a company like Motorola is preparing its return.

If you talked about it for the first time on Android Police: the site collected information from a highly trusted source, information according to which the group has long been under the control of Lenovo's Chinese a 9 or 10 inch diagonal tablet. The gadget should boast high quality finishes and construction quality, and therefore probably position itself at the top end of the market, even if there is no technical information to support this thesis (although for this reason details on the timing of arrival on the market).

The only detail that emerged from the device was a screen showing one special mode dedicated to productivity, the Productivity Mode already present on some tablets of the Lenovo parent company that allows not only to divide the screen into two parts as it happens on all Android Nougat products but also to have within reach of all the most used apps, positioned in the navigation bar similar to what happens on Windows. from the time of the Xoom tablet that Motorola does not offer a tablet on the market: to know if the group actually has any tricks up its sleeve or if it simply wants to go back to marking the territory we will have to wait for other rumors.


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