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Motorola Boot Services: the official app for changing bootanimation

Since his return to the international scene the new course of Motorola, obviously always subjected to the placet of Google bench Woodside continue to support the opposite, you have particularly focused on a factor that could have excellent repercussions in the marketing of the smartphone sector, namely personalization.

By virtue of this trend Motorola has published on Google Play Store your own official application for changing the bootanimation, calledMotorola Boot Services, stimulating the owners of its devices, in particular Moto X and, also in Italy, the Moto G, to modify the start-up animation with a specification provided by the same American company precisely for the advent of the Christmas period. Unfortunately, Motorola Boot Services compatible, as can be deduced, only with Motorola devices, to interestingly view the commitment that the company places in these initiatives, certainly not present by other European manufacturers.

Motorola Boot Services comes, in the field of customizations, after the introduction of the Moto Maker, unfortunately only available in the USA, and the launch of the Moto G, which boasts one of its greatest qualities in the interchangeable covers. If you already have a Moto G, we advise you to download it from the Google Play Store at the following link, below which you will also find a demonstration video of the new winter sequence proposed by Motorola:

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