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Motorola and Apple, non-exclusive agreement

Motorola and Apple, non-exclusive agreement logomacitynet1200wide 1

ROKR will not be the only mobile phone with iTunes and Motorola may not be the only phone manufacturer to be Apple's ally. If the first news was (or almost) in the public domain, the second emerged as a real novelty in the context of the presentation of yesterday's news.

Referring to the prospect of agreements with partners other than Motorola, he was Apple's global marketing manager, Phil Schiller during an interview. Asked about the possibility of agreements with Motorola and Cingular, Schiller stressed that Apple "is free to work in all directions. We have the flexibility to do a lot of things. "

In recent days, rumors of ongoing negotiations with other carriers and, above all, with other phone manufacturers have emerged from various points on the network. Among these, an entry also concerned Nokia. Despite the fact that the Finnish house, which has an agreement with Microsoft to support Windows producers' technologies, has subsequently denied the rumor, several industry observers remain convinced that it is in Apple's interest to look for new allies. On the other hand, the same Motorola is not tied to DoubleTime with Cupertino, given that in the coming months it will also release mobile phones with Windows Media Audio support and the Redmond DRM system.

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