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Mother's Day, free Flower Garden, discounted Pregnancy

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On the occasion of Mother's Day, two applications are on special offer: Flower Garden is distributed free of charge and Pregnancy, part of the iGuide, discounted at € 1.59.

Fllower Garden has long been available for iPhone and iPod Touch. The application has undergone 12 updates over a year, and now to version 2.3: it is, as the name suggests, a small portable garden, in which to plant seeds of different flowers inside some pots. However, there is no real goal: the seedlings will grow over time and require a lot of care; the player will have to water them, fertilize them and keep an eye on them constantly. In addition to pure personal satisfaction in having created a colorful and lively floral garden, the "game" also offers the opportunity to collect the most beautiful flowers and send them in wonderful bouquets to your friends via e-mail.

Flower Garden free only for today, while you can buy extra items through the App Store, such as new seeds of rare flowers and additional fertilizer, useful to allow plants to grow faster. However, one of the most fascinating things of the application (and gardening in general) represented precisely by waiting: to see your flowers grow day after day really satisfying.

iGuide: the pregnancy Macityne has already talked about in the past, the first app dedicated to future parents. A guide that illustrates the path to be tackled in a fun and relaxing way and helps to overcome any difficulties. For today it is offered at 1.59 euros, one euro discount compared to the list price of 2.59 euros.