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More and more Mozilla: now 1.1 alpha

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{img: 1; sx} Just tonight, that the party is held in Milan to celebrate the arrival of official Mozilla 1.0, the news of a new release of the open-source browser comes. The tireless community of programmers, which follows the project, in fact, made version 1.1a downloadable, which is also full of important news.

The most visible is the cosmetic one: now Mozilla also takes advantage of Quartz's rendering capabilities, also for the Carbon programs, introduced with 10.1.5. The web pages take on a much more refined appearance, similar to the pleasant renditions of Omniweb and Chimera. The launch of the program has been made faster, the performance of the DHTML interpreter has been improved and Mozilla now supports the display of XBM images. Small changes have also affected the mechanics of the autocompletion of the addresses (now proposed in order), the download manager and the email form. Those who create webpages in the scientific sector know that the visualization of mathematical formulas in the MathML standard has now been implemented.

And, as a last gem, the drag and drop of the images, directly from the web pages, to the desk, finally produces a sensible result, actually showing the image and not a link to it.

During some tests, although it is an Alpha version of the software, the overall stability still seemed good, not having to suffer from pedestrian programmed code.You just have to try it, if you have a valid connection to hold the approximately 17 MB that make up the packages, for Mac OS X, Mac OS 9, Linux and Windows, directly from the Mozilla Project ftp sites.