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Monument Valley 2 is free for iPhone, iPad and Android for a few days

monument valley 2

Run to download it because it's worth it: Monument Valley 2 free for a few days and an opportunity to catch on the fly: it rarely happens to be able to play one of the best mobile titles ever without spending a euro. Will be the settings with dreamlike landscapes, the numerous challenges to find the right path in each level, or perhaps the impossible geometries of buildings and buildings.

A setting full of mystery, charm but also an original style, so much so that in every game and every screen it seems to observe Escher's works of art and paintings. Only here we are completely immersed also thanks to the masterful use of sounds and audio effects. It doesn't matter if you played the first Monument Valley or not, still on sale on the App Store for € 4.49: it is an adventure in its own right, in which anyone can immerse themselves in an intelligent and exciting challenge.

monument valley 2 free

On almost 300 ratings on the App Store, the average rating of 4.2 and also a title chosen by the editorial staff of the Apple digital store, whose judgment we reported. We were looking forward to finding this world made of mysterious beauty and impossible geometries and the new chapter did not disappoint. The bright colors and the ingenious design of the levels make it even more beautiful. Several novelties contribute to a truly exciting experience, including controlling two characters at the same time. But the bond between mother and daughter we will remember most: a relationship so deep, an emotion that a game rarely manages to convey.

In fact, we will have to guide mother and daughter on their journey through magical architectures, discovering illusory paths and solving new puzzles as we learn the secrets of Sacred Geometry. The goal of the game is to help Ro teach his daughter the mysteries of the Valley, exploring incredible landscapes and manipulating architecture to create the right path between levels.

To download Monument Valley 2 for free for iPhone and iPad, start from this App Store page, instead start from here for the Android version. Of course the next chapter Monument Valley 3 in work for some time.

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