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Monopoly, the old meets the new on iPhone and touch

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With around 750 million players estimated from the first commercial launch of 1935 to today, Monopoli (or Monopoly as it is called in deference to American spelling) is undoubtedly the most famous and played board game in the world. The official conversion for iPhone and touch made by Electronic Arts has to deal with a large and knowledgeable user base. We can immediately anticipate that the conversion for iPhone and touch is one of the best digital versions of Monopoly that we have ever tried.

After the loading screen with the characteristic Mr. Monopoly we can choose to launch a new game to play alone against the computer or up to 4 players sharing the same paperback. Always in multiplayer functions, you can also play in the local network in 4 via Wi-Fi or a game of two via Bluetooth. To launch a new game just press a button, more experienced players can instead access a competing set of settings to configure the main game rules.

On the iPhone and touch screen, the Monopoly game board recreated in 3D graphics with rotations and animations that allow you to go from a distance to view it entirely, up to close zoom to follow the movement of the pawns to the arrival box. To start moving our pawn, simply shake the iPhone / touch slightly: our pocket reproduces the classic sound of shecked dice and then displays a rather realistic animation of the throw. For the movements of our pawn and also those of the competitors, the program offers a series of fun animations that are not repetitive but that in any case can be deactivated to speed up the game.

Even the instructions within the game can be disabled, in any case even for those who have not played Monopoly for years, the operation of the software is rather immediate. When our shift can access the management screen that allows you to analyze all the boxes of the game to find out the cost of land and those for the construction of houses and hotels, the possible owner, the rent in case of rents for the passage or for mortgages.

Since the first Monopoly games for iPhone and touch it is very fun and above all it does not regret the original board and the packaging with all the accessories included. Recall that perhaps the least loved steps of the original game can be fully automated if the player wishes. This applies, for example, when money starts to run low and we are forced to mortgage our properties to collect some cash. The player is given the opportunity to manually manage the opening of the mortgages or to select the automatic management that will take care of everything, providing the money necessary to continue playing as long as our properties allow it.

You don't need to be a Monopoly enthusiast to appreciate and have fun with the iPhone and touch version. The ability to play anywhere by challenging the computer and especially the options that allow you to speed up and automate the parts of the game that are less brilliant, make Monopoly a highly recommended title. For the test Macitynet limited itself to the game in single player mode, in any case the possibility of playing up to 4 people sharing the paperback or via Wi-Fi are practical when the original board game is not available or when it is too uncomfortable to use it.

Before concluding a brief mention of the controversy triggered by user reviews on the Monopoly page on the App Store. Practically all the negative comments to a star are from users who complain about the change in the price of the game, which went from 2.39 euros to the current 3.99 euros. Keeping in mind the quality of construction and the potential for hours of fun offered by Monopoly for iPhone / touch we are faced with a game that would not disfigure even on a pocket console game cartridge, therefore proposed starting from around 30 and more euros. According to those who write Monopoly for iPhone and touch, it deserves a score between 4 and 5 stars, a real deal at 3.99 euros, bearing in mind the price of the original game or even the price of any digital edition for consoles and computers.

Monopoly for iPhone and touch made by Electronic Arts: offered on the App Store for 3.99 euros.